Meet My Characters: Greggory James Orwin


Greggory James Orwin, 45 at start of story, male lead’s mentor

Lives in high-rise penthouse in Nashville, TN


Skin: Pale

Hair: Short, wavy, graying light brown

Eyes: Dark brown, somewhat small

Height: A little tall

Weight: A bit pudgy

Build: Average

When Gregg was younger he too got in trouble and spent time in jail. When he was released from jail he found out that his father had passed away and left him his entire estate. He knew he wanted to use the money to help people who were in a similar situation as he was. Gregg had been raised in a conservative Christian home, but was led astray when he got involved in drugs at the age of 17. His mother passed away when he was 20 and his father didn’t know how to control Gregg after that. His mother’s death sent him over the edge and he would spend weeks at a time away from his father’s home doing drugs and ending up in the hospital a few times, but his father never knew about it.

Gregg didn’t have any siblings, but he did have a cousin that he would keep in touch with, but he never accepted his offers to help Gregg get clean. One night when he was desperate for another high, but had no money he attacked a guy he saw walking through the park alone after dark. The guy ended up in the hospital, but after he was released about 2 weeks later he was able to identify Gregg so he was arrested, charged and convicted. He spent 4 years in jail and was treated for his drug addiction as well as depression and anxiety.


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