Meet My Characters: Madalena Symone Young


Madalena Symone Young, 23 when the story begins, female lead

Birth date: February 19, 1989


Hair: Blonde hair past shoulder length with burgundy highlights

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5’ 4”

Weight: Slender

Build: Average


Prefers to be called Mady. Mady’s parents were arrested when she was 10 for selling drugs. They lost custody of her and she was placed with her aunt (Lorain Caterina Polinsky), but her husband was an alcoholic and was emotionally abusive to them. He eventually left when she was 17. She went to college to study fashion and design and worked 3 part time jobs to pay for it along with having a scholarship and taking out a student loan. Her grades were suffering and she almost lost her scholarship. At that point she was approached by a male student who told her the Coyote Ugly Saloon in Nashville was hiring. The pay was a lot more than her 3 part time jobs put together and she would work less hours so she’d have more time for her school work. She reluctantly went and talked to the owner. She told him she’d give it a try. She also told him that she lied about her age when she was 19 and her uncle left her and her aunt. She needed a job and the corner bar hired her, so she had experience bartending. Soon she had quit her other jobs and was making decent money every week.

One night while serving an older gentleman he told her he was making an adult film and she’d be perfect for it. She declined his offer at first, but he gave her his card and told her to give him a call if she changed her mind. The more she thought about it, the more the thought of the money she’d make appealed to her. She didn’t have any friends to talk to about it, other than the other girls at the bar. They told her it wouldn’t hurt to at least check it out, but to be careful. She gave the guy a call and he gave her an address. She went on a Saturday, a few hours before her shift at the bar started. It was a warehouse in an industrial park, but there was a sign on the door that read: ‘Garry Martino – Producer’. Inside there was a well-appointed lobby with a large desk at the far end and an attractive young woman sitting behind it. She directed Mady to take the elevator to the third floor and she’d find him there. When she got out of the elevator she saw about a dozen people walking around what looked like a movie set. It was a living room with a sofa opened into a bed, a loveseat and a few chairs. There was loud music playing, but it stopped a moment later. She caught sight of Garry, he was standing in front of a table of food. She quietly made her way towards him and tapped him on the shoulder. They talked for a while since everyone was on a break. He explained what was going on and told her she could just hang out and observe for a bit before she made a decision about whether or not she wanted to be in the movie.

When everyone came back from break they were talking about the next scene and it hit her that they were talking about sex. She didn’t say anything, but it made her feel uncomfortable. When they started shooting the scene she was surprised to see the actors and actresses were actually having intercourse and being filmed. Being in a pornography movie made her feel sick to her stomach, so she excused herself and tried to walk out of the building as calmly as she possibly could. She got on her bike and drove to the bar so she could talk to the girls there and see what they thought about this. A couple of them told her she’d made the right decision, but some of the others told her she should have stayed a little longer and talked to the guy about it some more. Apparently they didn’t see a problem with being a porn star.

About a week later Garry showed up at the bar again and asked for her. He wasn’t upset, but was wondering why she left without telling him and wanted to know if she was still interested in being in his movie. She told him it made her uncomfortable and she wasn’t interested, so he left.


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