Meet My Characters: Derrik Jasun Olsen


I currently have two stories in progress, but I want to share characters from one of them with my readers. I don’t know if they will give interviews, but if there’s anything you want to ask them, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. So without further ado, here’s my main male character…

Derrik Jasun Olsen, 28 when the story begins, male lead

Birth date: June 24, 1984


Hair: Short, wavy, black

Eyes: Green

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: Slender

Build: Average


It had been almost 3 years since he’d touched a computer. It was part of his recovery and in reality, he didn’t miss it. But, starting this new job as an insurance adjuster on Monday meant he’d have to use one again. The company would provide full training since they had software developed specifically for their use, so he wasn’t worried about that. But he was told he’d have his own office, which meant he’d have privacy. If there wasn’t someone around to hold him accountable there was a chance he’d slip right back into his old habit and that was dangerous.

He could still think back to the days when he would sit up half the night watching porn movie after porn movie on his computer, even though his fiancé was mere feet away from him. She had no idea he had this addiction, but she could tell something wasn’t right with him after living together for about 6 months. They hadn’t had sex in at least a month and he was always on edge and angry about something. One night around 4am she woke up and found him asleep at the computer. When she saw what was on the screen she screamed and he jumped awake. He had headphones on so she wouldn’t be able to hear it, but it was obvious that he’d fallen asleep while watching a hardcore porn movie. She immediately told him their relationship was over, packed a bag and left to stay with a friend. At that point he knew that things were getting out of control, but he couldn’t help himself. Eventually however, it got to the point that just watching wasn’t enough. As he walked down the street most days on his way to and from work he would see the women he passed and imagine what it would be like to pin then against the side of a building in a deserted alley and rape them. The thought got stronger and stronger until late one night after watching a movie that again did nothing for him, he put on his sweats, grabbed his keys and left his apartment. There weren’t many people around, so he slowly walked down the sidewalk until he heard a group of women coming out of the restaurant on the corner and as they parted ways, one of them was walking toward him. Her car must’ve been parked nearby. At first he just smiled at her and she smiled back. But as he turned to watch her walk a bit farther he found himself turning and walking towards her.

Two hours later he was back in his apartment sweaty and exhausted after raping her and leaving her in the alley two blocks from his apartment building. He showered, went to bed and got up after only sleeping 3 hours and went to work as if nothing had happened. The next night he was woken up by nightmares of what he had done, but he never told anyone about it. A few days later while he was getting ready to go into a meeting at work, 2 officers walked into his office and asked for a word with him. They told him that they had a warrant for his arrest for raping Stephanie Tiffney. He denied having anything to do with her, but they took him into custody for questioning. At the police station he was put in a line up with a handful of other men. He knew that she was on the other side of the 2 way mirror he was staring at. After a few minutes he heard over a loud speaker that everyone was excused. They were escorted into a room, but he was quickly taken into another room and questioned by the officers that had taken him into custody. He was quickly charged with rape and found guilty.

Rather than just being thrown into a cell and left to rot, the judge ordered that he attend counseling and get help for addiction. Three years later he’s a free man and starting his life over again. While he was in jail and going through counseling he met an older man that was there for the same thing and he introduced Derrik to God.



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