Calling All Fiction Readers!!

Calling All Fiction Readers!!

Calling all avid readers! I’m looking for some dedicated readers that are willing to give feedback on my stories. Some of them will be completed, but some of them will be ones I’m still working on. I want to make sure the completed stories are ready to be shared on my blog as posts and some of the longer ones will be broken up into multiple posts. I don’t have any formal training when it comes to creative writing, but I’ve been told I have talent.

As I was doing some research on how this whole Beta Reader or Advance Copy Reader thing should work, I found this  blog post about the topic. There’s also a worksheet that has been created for this very thing, but not all of it will apply to my stories. It’s more or less a guideline as to what I’m looking for when giving feedback. There are also tons of other articles out there about how to be a beta reader if you want more info.

This link is a simple form I’m asking my ACR’s to fill out before I send my work out. Please be sure to read it and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions:


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