My First Post

Notebook and glasses

I’ve been wrestling with what my first blog post should be about. Should I write about the books/stories I’m working on? I could, but I don’t want to just throw my short stories up on my blog and be done with it. I know some authors blog about inspiration. So, what inspires me? Well, partly it’s experiences I or someone I know have had, but not always. Sometimes I get inspiration from other books I read or stories I hear about, movies, etc.

So, what about characters? I don’t base my characters on anyone I know, usually. I might pull bits and pieces of personalities from people I know, but I don’t base a character solely on one person. I don’t really want someone to read my stories and feel like I’ve written about them specifically. When I think up names I like names that we don’t hear every day. I like to spend time looking at baby name websites to choose names and I like to keep a list of names I like. I usually have a hard time coming up with last names for my characters, so I look online for ideas.

My writing can be a bit sporadic at times because I don’t have an actual work space. When I’m not using my laptop it gets put away and I use a folding table I put away when I’m not using as well. I’d love to eventually find a corner where I can have my laptop setup and more or less leave it there.

I’ve been writing off and on for about 10 years and I have a secret. I used to write fan fiction stories, but I didn’t share them much. I’m working on editing a select few, taking the fan fiction aspect out of them and just turning them into short stories that I’ll post here soon. Keep an eye out and come back for updates!


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